This Mess

by Geraldine De'Borah

Official Audio Video

“This Mess” (a sticky situation) is based on an intense past relationship that started sweet but became bitter. Verbal, emotional and psychological abuse all wrapped up in one bouncing thought, during the most unpredictable times, loud enough for one to express the words “Messing around with my head” These dismal encounters, leave a person feeling alone and desperately confused but eventually takes you on a mental journey to confront and accept the deception you’re dealt and ask yourself, “Is this who you want to sacrifice your life for? Is this how you deserve to feel or be treated? Is this worth your destiny?  Can you do better than this?  Is this really what you want?” It causes you to push against the fear of shame and fight to keep your identity, even if you and God are the only ones who know who you really are.  It’s about the courage to take a stand and find the strength to let go of what’s hurting you. You’re stronger than you think or feel, for this too, shall pass, if you allow it to…

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